Puppet agent provision is running without blocking errors:

sudo puppet agent -t

Autossh (for remote login and VLC web interface) is working, starting on its own after reboot, staying up for days.:

Locally: sudo service autossh status
ssh user@cs.isuma.tv -p 22###


  • VLC appears on local monitor
  • VLC web interface appears at http://cs.isuma.tv:28###
  • Playlists load using the Add Playlist button on the web interface
  • Videos play fullscreen on the local monitor
  • Sound works though headphone-out when video play (test sound with speaker-test command, use alsamixer to make adjustments)

Git-annex sync

Git-annex works at all. Try:

git-annex info --fast

Git-annex daemon is running:

sudo service git-annex status
ps aux | grep assistant

Videos are syncing (in a normal user screen session, run as www-data user):

git-annex sync --content

Latest videos are synced, by comparing latest videos on MP versus CS and encoding servers (check if daemon is running on these as well:

ls -lart /var/isuma/git-annex/video/mp4_sd | tail

Check total media size to see if it is similar to other MPs:

df -h #media is in /var/isuma partition

Shut down the MP via the UPS battery after nut is configured (to avoid git-annex repo corruption):

sudo upsmon -c fsd