User guides

How to setup a playlist

(once the cabletv package is completed this will all be possible to do remotely through a web interface, and parts of it will be automated)

  1. Open on your browser.
  2. Make sure that you are connected to your IsumaTV Media Player:
  1. Sign in with your username and password.
  1. Go to your playlist by entering this URL: of your community and click on your playlist at the bottom of the page to open it.
_images/4_go_to_playlist_top.png _images/5_go_to_playlist_middle.png _images/3_go_to_playlist.png
  1. Click on “EDIT THIS” under the DASHBOARD
_images/6_click_on_edit_this.png _images/7_click_on_edit_this_bottom.png
  1. Edit your playlist by adding and removing videos as well as changing their order.

Note: Make sure to only select videos that are currently available on the MP and not videos still in the process of being downloaded to the Media Player. Note: Don’t forget to save your playlist regularly, even if you have not yet finished (the save button is at the bottom of the page).

Make a note of the node number for your playlist in the address bar (in this example www.isumatv/node/56706)
_images/8_make_a_note_top.png _images/9_make_a_note_bottom.png
  1. You can now save this new playlist to the Media Player for local broadcast.

Note: The playlist can be modified from any computer but then needs to be saved on the Media Player in order to be broadcasted.

In the address bar type number for your playlist In this example

  1. Make sure you see the IP address of your local Media Player. In this example:

If instead of reading numbers like this one, you see or amazon this means you are not connected to the Media Player. In this case, return to and make sure you have connected to the Media Player and can see the message “You are connected to an IsumaTV Media Player”.

  1. Right-click in the middle of the page. Select “Save Page as”.

10. Change the file name to playlist.xspf (Your file can have any name but it is essential to save it as an .xspf file). Select “WebPage, HTML only” option at the bottom right of the window. Then click “Save”.


11. You will then return to the page. Press the “Ctrl” and “Q” keys on the keyboard to quit this page. The page will close and a VLC Player window will automatically pop up. Click the Play button, then select “Add…”

  1. Select your playlist (playlist.xspf ). Click “Open”.
  1. Click the Loop button and the Full Screen button on the VLC Player. Then Click the Play button to begin playing the playlist.

You are now done!

To stop the playlist:

  1. Press the “Esc” (escape) key on the keyboard.
  2. Under the “Media” menu at the top left of the Player, select “Quit”.
  3. The VLC Player will close and the web browser will reopen automatically on after a short delay.