Hardware platforms

The media players project doesn’t require any special hardware to run, although we do expect the usual:

  • network interface
  • display and sound card (to play videos)
  • storage

However, since we are storing videos, we are aiming for large storage specifications. As of July 2014, the Isuma.tv store is around 1 TB (terabyte, or 0.9 TiB, tebibyte), so we currently deploy 2TB hard drives.

The rest of this section is dedicated to current and previous platform specifications.

Shuttle XPC small desktops

We have one Shuttle machine in the office, in the XPC series, there isn’t much to say about it other than its peculiar form factor is not very convenient.

Logic Supply desktops (v2.5 series)

Around 10 machines were built with some Logic Supply Mini-ITX cases, although the original product link is now dead. We also had trouble with shipping and delivery to Canada. Finally, some hard drive sockets were damaged during travel, which makes us doubt of the viability of this platform on the long term.

Advantech rugged servers (1.0 series)

We have deployed some Advantech UNO-3282 servers on the field.


Two of those servers were provisionned for Isuma and are still running after years of service. They have sealed cases that are very solid.


  • very sturdy
  • sealed, so it won’t collect dust
  • power button protected from accidental tripping


  • heavy
  • power supply is external